Viele Gespräche über das UnaVision Handbuch und Soziokratie. Die Teilnehmer haben im Vorfeld das Handbuch gelesen und sich in die Vision, Mission und Ziele von UnaVision eingearbeitet. Fragen und Bedenken wurden aufgeworfen, einige Antworten gegeben. Viele Punkte sind offen um in die Planung des Prototypen 2021 einzufließen. 

Adobe and Art

Four young people had a entirely new experience of creating a mud dance besides their decoration of an earth oven. The audience was very excited about the results. 

Homage to herbs

Medical herbs, herbs for food, herbs for beauty - a mixed team created not just an perfect location to honor herbs but also presented an impro theatre to touch all senses.


One week of intensive interaction and work created wonders a nature art. Participants formed teams and worked out master pieces, poetry, slams and music. Just amazing!

Junge Menschen schaffen Kunst mit Funktion. Ein Lehmofen erhält sein Kleid mit Hilfe von Köpfchen damit das ganze Hand und Fuß hat. 

Exploring wilderness

Equipped with anti-monsqito repellen the art teams started to explore the nearby forest to find materials from nature for the implementation of their art visions. 

Scanning for art spots

Today the participants are scanning potential locations for their art work and are assessing. The 2 ha location and the neighborhood gives ample opportunities. Going barefoot is quite challenging with lots of thistle and stones. But help comes from strong people.

Excursion for nature

To receive a better insight into the special nature of the Oderbruch region, a first excursion of the neighborhood was conducted. Questions asked were: What are the plants and plant families around the Herzershof estate? What is special about the Oderbruch region? How was nature manipulated by mankind? How did fishery die out and farming start?

ArtCamp starts

After weeks of preparation our "KunstCamp" is starting with around 30 motivated people, artists, organizers and helpers. Introducing each other in a playful way gives us the opportunity to get to know each other.