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 Areas of Activities

Call for Action!

Get involved with your skills, time and resources for global actions to prototype examples of "balance the world". We are looking for active network partners and trainees who like to be part of the initiative. Please write to Johannes at 


unaVision - living global laboratory for a world in balance

unaVision is a growing knowledge and collaborative network driven by like-minded people and their rural and urban communities, neighborhoods, organizations and initiatives. It is aiming for a "world in balance". unaVision offers a unique learning environment and learning activities. The involved people cherish an intense and ongoing contact with each other, and are actively involved in co-developing and implementing prototypes and innovative approaches for a systemic change in our social, ecological, cultural and economic sectors. We foster project based learning, eco-social entrepreneurship, common goods economy and sociocratic governance.  



Balancing the world by activating and working with rural, peripheral, precarious regions can be a very rewarding experience. Our goal is to really, really make a difference in our own lives and the ways we work, live, learn and celebrate together in an inclusive way. For this, we interconnect people, places and organisations around the globe in Being Spaces by an intensive learning exchange, co-design and implementation processes of lively examples today for the future society we dream of.

Specifically we are planning to co-design during the next years:

  • unaVision network: a lively global co-creating community of likeminded people actively supporting each other
  • BeingSpace regions: regional living laboratories with collaborative economies spread over all continents where people learn, work and sometimes live together
  • unaNation and EcoVersities: a global learning community with alternative Universities located in Being Space Regions as a unique learning environment
  • Learning Journeys: connecting the unaVision network with intensive learning exchanges and research journeys to good practice communities and sites

We take responsibility for the dignity of people of different genders, ages, educational backgrounds, races and beliefs, responsibility for the environment and nature, support the establishment of a viable international order and a transparency of all activities and results.




Being Spaces

Being Space communities are people and organizations within a neighborhood, village or region, where like-minded people actively collaborate to implement an environment for better living. The community collaborates to prototype a systemic change towards a more resilient world in balance. It forms a unique location for learning, working and living together. The people are acting in a living laboratory and are creating prototypes in many sectors like eco-building, permaculture, sharing economy which are sustainable for our grandchildren. Being Spaces concentrate on important, basic needs of people such as having meaningful work, food, accommodation, preventive health and a suitable social and cultural living environment.







unaNation - EcoVersities

unaNation is the entirety of all Being Spaces and the unaVision community with no borders. The core function of our virtual nation is collective learning, co-designing a framework for our world in balance and sharing what is needed. This is why you can view our nation as a global, self organized University or as we call it, an EcoVersity. Learning being so important, if someone in our nation decides to learn something, she or he immediately becomes his or her Minister of Education. That creates the peculiar situation of eventually having as many Ministers of Education as we have learners. They get together to share, improve and create community learning resources. All our knowledge is open and freely available.






unaVision Learning Journeys

The unaVision Learning Journey is a multi-dimensional process. People co-develop events, forums, projects, programs and eco-social entrepreneurships on the way to reach their objectives. Personal, virtual and physical learning journeys within and between Being Space communities and regions bring people together, connect them and offer a unique learning environment. UnaVision journeys offer participants to explore initiatives around the globe in order to give impulses for their own projects and to share their own experiences and knowledge, tell their stories and document the experiences. The inter-generational, inter-cultural and inter-sectoral approach widens the perspective for everybody.






Upcoming activities for forming unaVision

During 2016-2018 we are planning meetings (see UnaVision event calendar) to co-design the unaVision network, unaNation and future Being Space regions within Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia. The next gatherings of the community and stakeholders are planned in Groningen, Netherlands from November 9th to 14th 2016, in Mexico in January 2017, in Europe during spring/summer 2017 and in India during December 2017. In case you are interested in joining the initiative please contact the unaVision team:




Network gathering in December 2015

Click here to watch the video of the unaVision gathering which took place in Gut Gorgast, near Berlin, Germany, December 9-12 2015

Participants where people
  • involved in the field of regional development, sustainable, community-based tourism, non-formal education, social entrepreneurship and/or social change in their regions
  • who care about their region and want to see people and their work flourishing
  • who you want to connect to like-minded people, share experiences, co-create social businesses with meaningful workplaces and by this supporting a social change in our world


The next unaVision gathering will take place from 09-14th of November 2016 in Friesland, Netherlands. You are invited to get involved! Please write to




Portugal Learning Journey
24.03 - 03.04.2016

This is an experimental learning package developed by ThinkCamp, the region of Naturtejo and INATEL within the SenTour project. The objective of this package is to motivate seniors from different cultures and backgrounds to travel together to an extraordinary destination, to learn a new skill from the locals and to be actively involved in the sustainable development of the visiting location. More info here
Download program: EN | DE

 Read more about the SENTour project

SenTour - EU Senior Travel Experience

With the SENTour Connect project ThinkCamp is co-developing with partners from Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Portugal innovative learning journey packages for seniors.

Learning Journeys offer the opportunity to dive into the spirit of regions and to learn about special skills and traditions. You meet locals, learn from them, but may also share their expertise with people from the regions. Long-term off season tourism of several weeks to several months may intensify the insights into the local culture. This is a win-win situation for the regions and the visiting guests. This is a prototype Learning Journey packages co-developed within the SENTour Connect project.

The SENTour Connect project started from the idea that the senior market is an area for tourism expansion in low season within the European Union. Travel is a means to prolong a quality of life and Europe has a growing senior population for whom this is an important issue.The main objective of the project is to facilitate transnational tourism exchanges for seniors in the low season within the European domestic market.To do this, the project aims at creating innovative and sustainable transnational tourism packages for seniors, and improving the tourism seasonality patterns across Europe.





unaVision Kosovo

unaVision - Greening Kosovo is about raising awareness and fostering the sustainable development of Kosovo. The objective is to create green jobs through the development of “eco-social businesses” and a “Being Space”/eco-village, where people can live, learn, work, make arts and cultural activities. The unaVision-Kosovo initiative is implementing the projects by using a bottom up approach, listening to the needs, wishes and ideas of people, creating and connecting communities in different locations. More info here





Story and past activities

The unaVision idea was co-developed over years with many people in different countries. See photos of learning journeys, workshops and other events here.



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