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The UnaVersity

offers a unique environment for

Transformative and Project Based Learning and Research

transformative learning, project-based learning and research activities. We

co-create Learning- and Research Journeys, Hiking Dialogs and are working together in building up UnaVillages. 

Die UnaVersity bietet ein einmaliges Umfeld für Transformatives und Projektbasiertes Lernen und Forschen. Formate sind Lern- und Forschungsreisen, Wandergespräche, Gesprächskreise und gemeinsames Arbeiten an Projekten und dem Aufbau von UnaVillages.



Aktivität - Activity - InformationLocation - Ort2018-05-284 hInfo2018-05-28_UnaVision Dialog München (D), von 19:00 bis 22:00 UhrWeltraum, Eine Welt Haus München2018-05-304 hInfo2018-05-30_UnaVision Dialog Linz (A), von 18:00 bis 22:00 UhrOtelo Linz, Wüstenrotplatz 2, Linz2018-06-014 h2018-06-01_UnaVision Dialog Tulln (A) von 18:00 bis 21:00 Uhrin Tulln (A) im Minoritenhaus am Minoritenplatz im Rahmen der Green Art Wochen2018-06-022 hGeneralversammlung ThinkCamp Genossenschaft 10:00 - 12:00 UhrSTRIDE Conference und Tulln, Austria2018-06-284 hUnaVision Dialog Turin (I)Turin2018-06-274 hInfoUnaVision Dialog Zürich (CH), von 18:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

HTL Zürich, Gebäude HIM-E-4

2018-06-294 hUnaVision Dialog Leipzig (D) von 18:00 bis 22:002018-07-086 hUnaVillage / ThinkCamp Strategietreffen Berlin von 10:00 bis 16:00 UhrLovelite Berlin Haasestr. 12018-08-084 hUnaVision Dialog Köln (D) von 17:00 bis 21:00 Uhr1018-08-093 TageUnaVision Dialog Blaues Ländle (D)2018-08-134 hUnaVision Dialog Frankfurt am Main (D)2018-07-1580 Tage100 Tage UnaVersity Summer Akademie Oderbruch Juli - OktoberGut Herzershof Oderbruch2018-08-1814 TagePermakulturkurs OderbruchKüstriner-Vorland2018-08-318 TageCo-Design für Gebäude in Herzershof und Küstrin-KietzKüstriner-Vorland2018-09-297 TageUnaVision SummitOderbruch, Germany2019-01-1530 TageÄthiopien Research and Learning JourneyÄthiopien, Arba Minch Region


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 coordinate learning- and research journeys, hiking dialogs, workshops, vision labs, UnaVillage prototypes and support individual learning activities, personal growth and the co-creation of eco-social enterprises.


Table of Contents

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UnaVersity Offers

The UnaVersity provides a growing network of knowledge and collaboraton driven by like-minded, experienced people. We see the importance and need of systems which are human centered and not based on standard curricula and influenced by special interest groups. The UnaVersity system works with an innovative system of supporting individuals and teams in attaining their individual learning objectives. The core function of UnaVersity is about collective learning to co-create and implement prototypes for good living in harmony with the surrounding community and our unique biosphere. Please contact us at

UnaVillage Prototype 2019 in Germany

The UnaVillage Prototype 2019 offers motivated people an unique opportunity to learn, work and live together for a defined 4 months period, with a minimum of 2 weeks, between June 20th and October 20th 2019. In addition to learning about sustainable lifestyles we will implement, work with and further co-develop concepts such as UnaVersity, sociocracy, New Work-New Culture, Basic Secureness, Common Goods, Social Entrepreneurship among others.

During your stay you spent 50% of your time supporting the basic needs of the UnaVillage prototype community. During the other 50% you try to find out what you really, really like to do for you and for the society and you implement prototypes for that. Each week we have feedback circles and document in a suitable way our learnings and findings for example with publications, videos, plays, poetry and drawings. Please contact us at

Contribution for your participation

To gain a deeper insight into the T-Learning process, a participation of several weeks makes sense. Please talk with us in case you have only less time. Arrival should be planned for Sunday afternoon. 

Underneath you find the contribution for participants. These include 7% VAT, sleeping in tents or rooms with several beds and three vegetarian meals.  Higher contributions are welcome. In case you need a reduced contribution rate, please sent us a suggestions for your contribution and we will discuss it in our coordination circle. 

When registering, please pick your planned weeks of participation and your selection of contribution or write an Email when you need financial support.

Your receive an invoice for your selection. As soon as your payment is received your registration is confirmed. Following rules apply

  • Dropping out early we will refund your contribution less the period you participated
  • No show will receive a refund less the contribution for the first week; replacement participant is possible
  • Cancellation until four weeks before your starting date you receive a full refund, less then four weeks before your starting date, you will receive a refund minus 100 € contribution
  • In case of special financial need, you can write an informal application to, with your suggestion of your contribution. In case we have sponsors, the reduction will be granted in sequence of the received applications

1 day/night20,00 €
2 days/nights40,00 €
1 week150,00 €
2 weeks300,00 €
3 weeks450,00 €
4 weeks600,00 €

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Helpful Details

  • Travel
    • Arrival is preferably on Sundays. UnaVillage Oderbruch is located 90 km east of Berlin. The address is Herzershof 10, 15328 Küstriner Vorland.
    • Departure: Departure will be preferably on Saturday mornings after breakfast and cleaning of the location. 
    • The next airports are in Berlin alternatively Berlin Schönefeld (TXL) or Berlin Tegel. From the airport you can use public transport to reach Herzershof. It will take between 2 and 3 hours by train and bus. 
    • Train: The closest train station is called "Gorgast Bahnhof". The station is 3,6 km from Herzershof. There are direct regional trains from Berlin Ostkreuz. The trip is about 70 Minutes.
    • Bus: The closest bus station is called "Herzershof" which is served by Bus Line 969 coming alternatively from Frankfurt (Oder) or Küstrin Kietz. The bus station Herzershof is 500 Meters from our location. 
    • Car: You can use in the community forum the topic "Mitfahrzentrale" to offer or search for a ride with fellow participants.
  • Stay
    • The participation should be around one month, but at least two weeks in order to be able to actively take part in at least one transformative learning cycle. 
    • Food: There will be vegetarian food mainly of our own garden production or of farmers in the neighborhood.
    • Accommodation: There will be rooms with several beds, tents or the possibility to rent a room in the vicinity.
    • What to bring? There will be beds, beddings and sheets provided for the rooms in the house for a small fee.
    • There are also some working clothes available on site. 

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