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BeginEndRegistrationdurationStarting date and Activity Name, klick for informationLocation
4 hours29.01.18 unaVision Treffen Berlin from 18:00 to 22:00

Weltraum Ratibostr 4, Berlin, Germany

3,5 hours12.02.18 unaVision Kennenlerntreffen Berlin from 18:30 to 22:00Café Lovelite, Haasestraße 1,10245 Berlin, Germany
20.04.1822.04.18register2 Tage20.04.18 unaVision Workshop GorgastGut Gorgast, Amthof 4, 15328 Küstriner-Vorland
31.01.1815.02.18register2 weeks31.01.18 Research Hike Arba Minch region, EthiopiaEthiopia, Arba Minch
01.03.1818.03.18register2 weeks01.03.18 House Building WS Arba Minch, EthiopaEthiopia, Arba Minch
07.05.182013.0508.186 weeks

077.05.18 unaVision Caravan of Change 2018Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Macedoniayou can participate in single events of the Caravan. Also propose events at your location
29.09.1807.10.18register1 week29.09.18 unaVision Summit 2018 New RuralismGermany, Oderbruch
Nov 2018December 18register6 weeksEduTour - unaVision Learning Journey IndiaIndia

Past activities


25.10.1729.10.175 daysNew Ruralism, International Conference PortugalPortugal, Idanha a Nova
12.10.1705.11.173 weeksLearning Journey Germany, France, Portugal visiting projects and initiativesfrom Germany to Portugal
27.07.1727.07.173 hoursunaVision Informationstreffen in Berlin Kreuzberg, Rationostr. 4, WeltraumGermany, Berlin-Kreuzberg,
23.09.1701.10.1710 daysResearch Journey EthiopiaEthiopia
01.09.1703.09.172 daysunaVision Treffen im Oderbruch von Freitag-Sonntag 1.9.-3.9.17Germany, Oderbruch


21.08.173 hoursunaVision Berlin Treffen von 18:00 bis 20:00 UhrBerlin - Kreuzberg,
04.07.1709.07.175 daysunaVision and Global Marshall Plan gatheringGermany, Friedberg/Hessen
30.06.1704.07.174 daysunaVision dialog Smart Country Burgenland and Vienna, hiking dialog from Slovenia to AustriaAustria, Bildein
21.06.1729.06.177 daysunavision co-design workout for unaVersity, the Being Spaces Goricko and Gorca in SloveniaSlovenia, Goricko
03.061704.06.172 daysHealthy living workshop and idea findingKosovo, Istog
24.05.1707.06.1710 daysIstog Being Space Vision workoutIstog, Kosovo
17.05.1717.05.174 hoursunaVision Being Space Presentation and world cafe at European Village in AthensAthens, Greece
25.04.1715.05.1718 daysGreece Workout with Hiking Dialog and co-design workshop in Parrhasian Park, PelopenneseArcadia, Greece
01.04.1702.04.172 daysunaVision gathering in ViennaVienna, Austria
15.02.1724.02.178 daysecoversities meeting with 49 people from 20 countries at Earth UniversityEarth, Costa Rica
28.01.1728.01.171 dayunaVision workshopSan Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico


14.11.1614.11.164 hoursunavision dialog Wuppertal,Wuppertal, Germany
08.11.1613.11.165 daysunaVision community gathering, Groningen, NetherlandsGroningen, Netherlands
06.11.1606.11.163 hoursunaVision dialog Berkeley from 19:00 to 22:00 hBerkeley, CA, USA
03.11.1603.11.162 hoursunaVision dialog South Lake TahoeLake Tahoe, CA, USA
26.10.1626.10.162 hoursunaVision dialog in capay valley, CaliforniaBrooks, CA, USA
23.10.1623.10.162 hoursunaVision dialog at bioneers conference in Marine countySan Rafael, USA
15.10.1615.10.162 hoursHiking Dialog: A future worth living - for anybody and how?Ried, Austria
11.10.1614.10.162 daysunaVision talks Schumacher College GBTotnes, Great Britain
05.10.1610.10.164 daysunaVision dialogs Athens and Parrhassian ParcPeloponnes, Greece
01.10.1602.10.162 daysunaVision dialogs in BitolaBitola, Macedonia
24.09.1628.09.164 daysunaVision dialog and Workshops in Prishtina and IstokPrishtina, Kosovo
17.09.1618.09.162 daysunaVision dialog SloveniaGoricko, Slovenia
16.09.1616.09.161 dayunaVision dialogJennersdorf, Austria
15.09.1615.09.164 hoursunaVision Dialog ViennaVienna, Austria
14.09.1614.09.164 hoursunaVision Party in TullnTulln, Austria
10.09.1611.09.162 daysArs Electronica, unaVision dialogLinz, Austria
07.09.1610.10.165 weeksBerlin - Athens Learning Journey and vision daysBerlin to Athens
30.08.1630.08.164 hoursunaVision dialog Oderbruch,Gorgast, Germany
19.06.1626.06.167 daysWandergespräch im Ahrntal, Orientierung im LebenAhrntal, Südtirol, Italy
26.05.1608.06.1614 daysDisruptive education learning Journey, Valle de Bravo, PueblaMexico - Puebla, Oaxaca


30.04.164 daysResearch Journey Core of Things Experience in SpainSpain
07.04.1624.04.1616 daysResearch Journey Oaxaca, MexicoMexico
24.03.1603.04.1611 daysLearning Journey Portugal March 2016 (Link to: Pictures)
20.12.1525.01.166 weeksResearch journey Oaxaca, Mexico,Mexico


09.12.1515.12.153 daysunaVision gathering December Click here to watch the videGorgast, Germany
08.10.1510.10.153 daysSoziokratie, Modul 2, Effektives Arbeiten im TeamAugsburg, Germany
14.09.1520.09.157 daysLearning Journey KosovoKosovo
28.06.1520.09.1512 weeksSummer School, Eco-Social-Entrepreneurship programKukaj village, Kosovo
01.07.1502.07.152 daysPermaculture Introduction courseKukaj village, Kosovo
03.06.1510.05.157 daysVision Tour AlbaniaAlbania
01.06.1510.05.151 dayHerbal Day with Agro Products IstogIstog, Kosovo
09.05.1509.05.151 dayInformation workshop for the UnaVision Summer SchoolGreen Corner, Prishtina, Kosovo
11.05.1511.05.151 daySustainability Jam PrishtinaOda Theatre, Prishtina, Kosovo
28.04.1529.04.152 daysUrban garden workshopGreen Corner, Prishtina, Kosovo
25.04.1526.04.152 daysBuilding raised beds workshopGreen Corner, Prishtina, Kosovo
28.02.1501.03.152 daysWorkshop sustainable development KosovoPrishtina, Kosovo
16.01.1517.01.152 daysSoziokratie - Einführungstraining, Modul 1Augsburg, Germany
25.12.1415.01.1520 daysResearch Journey social business, Egypt and IsraelEgypt, Israel


31.08.1407.12.14100 days100 Days Lab 2014 for social business and buildingsMacedonia and Kosovo
25.10.1426.10.142 daysEntrepreneur Lab Idea WorkshopBitola, Macedonia
13.10.1407.12.1456 daysConcept Weeks for a sustainable community in MacedoniaSkopje, Macedonia
15.10.1419.10.145 daysPermaculture Course Prishtina and Fluri Kosovo
13.10.1414.10.142 daysFood coop model developmentSkopje, Macedonia
04.10.1405.10.142 daysRocket Stove Building workshopSkopje, Macedonia
31.08.1414.09.1415 daysEarth house and community buildingGolloku-Fluri, Kosovo
13.06.1415.06.143 daysBalkans Summit for Sustainable DevelopmentBitola, Macedonia
31.05.1410.06.1411 daysVision Walk from the Albanian border to BitolaMacedonia
20.02.1430.05.143 monthsResearch Journey Croatia, Bosnia & Herzogovina,
Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo


12.12.1319.12.137 daysYouth in Action Exchange, European Union, MacedoniaKicevo, Macedonia
15.03.1325.10.138 monthsCaravan of Change 2013 through 14 Danube River countries
Eastern Europe
15.07.1322.07.137 daysYouth in Action Social Entrepreneurship ProgramLithuania
01.01.1315.02.146 weeksResearch Journey Austria, Hungary, Serbia, SloveniaBalkan countries


01.12.1222.12.123 weeksResearch Journey Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, SerbiaEastern Europe, Balkan
07.07.1221.07.1214 daysFuturelab 2012, 60 youth from 8 European countriesAugsburg, Germany
22.04.1228.04.126 daysEcovillage Journey GermanyNorthern Germany
January 2012
2 daysIdea Camp ("Birth of Dunavision")Bittelbronn, Germany

2008 - 2011

02.09.1212.09.1112 daysHiking Dialog Antalya, Lykian wayTurkey
16.06.1123.06.117 daysSmenos Conference - Eco-Social Week 100 participantsAugsburg, Germany
26.05.1131.05.117 daysIdea Camps, Idea Camp and Workshop with UMA UniversityValle de Bravo, Mexico
21.12.1025.01.116 weeksLearning Journey India, villages, cities, slums, social projectsIndia
201020102 weeksHiking Dialog Taurus Mountains, Paulus way TurkeyTurkey
April 10April 103 weeksLearning Journey Turkey, Syria, JordanNear East
200920092 weeksHiking Dialog Taurus Mountain, Paulus wayTurkey