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Objectives of unaVision

We are co-creating an unaVision framework for a better world in balance respecting a diverse global society and protecting our planet. We will implement this framework in "Being Spaces" spread over all continents. Being Space Regions are holistic learning laboratories within the unaNation network for experimenting a future society model. The objective is to create good livelihood, meaningful work and a rich social and cultural life for many people within a collaborative, sharing and solidarity economy.

Call for Action! 



UnaVision is aiming for a "world in balance". Our goals are to really, really make a difference in our own lives, our communities and our environment by activating, joining and working with rural and peripheral regions with like minded people. The people are actively involved in co-developing and implementing prototypes and innovative approaches for a systemic change in our social, ecological, cultural and economic living environment. We cherish an intense and ongoing contact with each other. We foster the new work philosophy, project based learning, eco-social entrepreneurship, common goods economy and sociocratic governance

The UnaVision initiative invites you for a better future. Join us for innovative experimenting resilient lifestyles supported by an international network for sustainable good living in harmony with our unique fragile biosphere.


Table of Contents


  • Our Vision is a good and content life for all people while protecting our unique fragile biosphere.
  • Our Mission is to develop transformative learning processes from experience and apply them in prototypes.
  • Our Objectives are:
    • to realize many UnaVillage regions in rural areas as prototypes for inclusive, holistic and resilient models for a sustainable life in harmony with nature and the community around
    • to co-design and implement eco-social concepts for sustainable economies as well as models for living, working and entrepreneurships and communicate the experiences
    • to co-design, use and disseminate innovative, people oriented transformative learning processes (UNI)
  • Please contact us at

UnaVision Initiative

The UnaVision initiative invites you for co-creating and refining an emergent framework for prototypes of good living that respects a diverse global society and the biosphere of our planet. This includes the advantage of being especially adaptive and resililent to changes of the environment like climate destruction. We systematically practice, refine, adapt and expand this framework in UnaVillage regions and spread over all continents. A global sharing and solidary UnaVision community supports this systematic transformative learning process with international exchange of experience and competence (UNI). We take responsibility for the dignity of people of different genders, ages, educational backgrounds, races and beliefs


and for the

environment and nature. We support the establishment of a viable international framework and transparency of all activities and results. Read more! Column

Being Spaces

Being Spaces and Being Space Regions are formed of like-minded people and organizations within a village, neighborhood or region. They actively collaborate to implement an environment for better living and form together a Being Space Region, a unique location for learning, working and living together. The community collaborates to prototype a systemic change towards a more resilient world in balance. It forms The people are acting in a living laboratory and are creating prototypes in many sectors like eco-building, permaculture, sharing economy which are sustainable for our grandchildren. Being Spaces concentrate on important, basic needs of people such as having meaningful work, food, accommodation, preventive health and a suitable social and cultural living environment.

The entirety of all Being Spaces and the unaVision community with no borders is the unaNation. It is a sharing and solidary global community of many regional locations. UnaNation and the Being Space Regions The intensive knowledge exchange will support the chance

protection and regeneration of the environment and nature. UnaVillages and the UnaVision network will be governed with a sociocratic system

with interconnected working circles, general circles and top circles.

. An intensive international knowledge exchange coordinated by the tools of the UnaVersity will support the co-development for a better livelihood for all people.



unaVersity offers a unique learning environment with project based learning activities. learning journeys, hiking dialogs and a virtual learning network with the global village network. It is a growing knowledge and collaborative network driven by like minded, experienced people and connected with the ecoVersities network of disruptive learning organisations. The core function of the unaVision initiative is collective learning, co-creation and implemtation of prototypes for a better world and of personal development. All our knowledge is open and freely available. This enables the network to find higher quality solutions without regional boundaries. Read more!


Report about the Caravan of Change 2013

Fundament and history of unaVision

The fundament of unaVision is based on the input from many people participating in hiking dialogs and learning journeys during the last years since the conception of ThinkCamp in 2008. The unaVision community spirit was born in 2013 during the “caravan of change” called “dunaVision”. This brought together people during an eight months long learning journey through fourteen Eastern European countries and connected in 50 workshops around one thousand people.

titleRead more

The journey was coordinated by Sarah Kupke and Johannes Pfister from ThinkCamp. The ThinkCamp idea emerged out of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative to foster bottom up initiatives and to prototyp new society frameworks for a regenerative world. A big influence to our approach comes from Frithjof Bergmann with his breakthrough concept of New Work - New Culture. Gatherings and dialogs with him in Europe and India deepened the understanding of his thoughts. Our co-creation process will employ among others the principle of pattern language from Christopher Alexander, action research, a design thinking process, project based learning. We learn from and colaborate with New Work - New Culture, the Transition Network, Global Village Network GIVE, the Global Ecovillage Network GEN, the Economy for the Common Good and ideas from the Basic Income Network BIEN.


You like to participate?

We are starting now to co-design the unaVision framework and will start implementation of the first prototypes of Being Spaces in April 2017.

We invite you to join our working circles sharing your skills, knowledge, experience and resources for a global actions to co-create and prototype unaVision Being Spaces as living laboratories around the globe. We like to identify and document patterns and guidelines for the unaVision Our common UnaVillage framework will support the UnaVillage regions in their emergence and co-development. We also aim at providing free access to food, accommodation, education, preventive health services, cultural activities and a safety net in case of special needs, health problems and peaceful aging for all UnaVillage community members who support the movement with 50% of their time and resources. This gives people the scope and the spare time to do what they "really, really want to do with their lives for themselves and for society". This enables emergence of fundamental improvement for our own lives, our communities and our environment by activating, joining and working with like-minded people for good living. We like to recognize patterns and co-create a pattern language, how future living can be "good living for everybody", and at the same time secure a sustainable development of our planet as we are all interdependent within one biosphere on one planet. This is our common UnaVision.

You like to participate ?

The co-design of the UnaVision framework and the first prototypes of UnaVillages are in full progress. We invite you to join our working circles and topic circles sharing your skills, knowledge, experience and resources. We like to identify, document and realize patterns and guidelines for the UnaVision movement. We are looking for inspired people who like to engage full time or part time. In case your you are inspired and motivated by our Vision vision and like to participate in an a hands-on approach, then we are looking for for YOU. You can either move into a Being Space an UnaVillage prototype and help building it up and/or share your time, knowledge and resources with one of the working topic or supporting teams. Please contact us at !.

Trainee or Thesis ?

You can apply anytime for a trainee period of 6 to 12 months or for shorter internships. The coordinator of the UnaVision network is the thinkcamp non-profit cooperative based in Germany. Your trainee stay will be at one of our emerging locations learning hands-on. There are many topics from which you can choose for your Bachelor or Master Thesis relating to rural development, soil improvement, regenerative energy, preventive health care, nutrition, natural building materials, education, economics, new approaches to project management and so on. Please contact us at


The fundament of the UnaVision initiative is based on the input from many people participating in idea camps, hiking dialogs, learning journeys and academies of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. Based on this the conception for the non-profit cooperative ThinkCamp was born in 2007. It initiated in 2013 the “Caravan of Change” called “dunaVision” (see Report) in which the UnaVision initiative emerged: During this eight months long journey, more than on thousand people from over fourteen European countries connected in 50 workshops to talk about "What is really, really important in our lives for ourselves, the society and our planet?" The ThinkCamp idea emerged out of the Global Marshall Plan activities to foster bottom up initiatives and to prototype new frameworks for a regenerative world. A big influence to our approach comes from Frithjof Bergmann with his breakthrough concept of New Work - New Culture. Important impulses come from the principle of pattern language and the Nature of Order from Christopher Alexander, the Transition NetworkGIVE (Global Village Network), Global Ecovillage Network GEN, Economy for the Common Good and the Basic Income Network BIEN.

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