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ThinkCamp is a non-profit cooperative based in Germany. We experiment with innovative, transformative learning processes (T-Learning) and coordinate the UnaVision network.


Table of Contents

UnaVision Initiative

As a result of our learning and research journeys the UnaVision Initiative emerged. ThinkCamp coordinates this learning network. The idea is to create and offer time and space for a unique transformative learning process. Based on project-based learning teams reorganize their lives and build up lively communities where they can work, learn and live together, embedded in a global network. The process is supported through UnaVersity, an alternative learning process.

Learning Journeys

The core activities of ThinkCamp are learning journeys for individuals and teams to answer the question "What do I really, really like to do with my life?". 

To support to find the answer we are coordinating the co-design of the UnaVision network, UnaVillage regions and the UnaVersity learning activities. 

We offer participants the opportunity to design their own inner and outer learning journey, participate in inspiring projects and find orientation with eco-social Entrepreneurship. The intensive interaction with like minded people and our Transformative Learning process enhances the individual and team learning process. Basically we work with our 4-M philosophy:

  • Moving - to move with your body, thoughts and mind
  • Meeting - to meet and understand other people; lead profound dialogs and share ideas and experience
  • Making - co-create a sustainable future and implement eco-social innovations
  • Multiply - sharing experience, insights, knowledge and information openly. Use creative commons


We are looking for motivated people to support the co-development of the UnaVision network and UnaVersity activities. As a trainee you are active in different circles such as gardening, alternative building, social entrepreneurship and administrative work. You develop your own program and set your own learning objectives.

ThinkCamp Background

ThinkCamp is a non-profit cooperative based in Brandenburg, Germany. Our roots are with the Global Marshall Plan Initiative, the Club of Rome, the Rio Process 1992, New Work-New Culture from Prof. Frithjof Bergmann, the economy of the common goods, Basic Income/Secureness and the idea of Eco-Social Entrepreneurship. 

ThinkCamp Initiative was founded in March 2008 during the Global Marshall Plan "Save the World Now Conference" in Berlin by Johannes Pfister. The objective was to create a global network of concrete prototypes and learning environments for sustainable development and identify patterns for that. In April 2010 a group of people founded the non-profit ThinkCamp cooperative in Augsburg, which moved 2017 to Brandenburg. The idea for today´s concept emerged from the insights of the "Caravan of Change 2013", a learning journey passing through 18 European countries.