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The UnaVision Caravan of Change 2018 has the objectives to inspire you to become part of the initiative. You could join or initiate a location, participate in events or support by sharing your knowledge, contacts and finances.

During the unaVision Dialog s we like to present our concept and receive your feedback in an Open Space environment. Please share some hours with us! 

The Caravan will pass through many locations in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy., Please arrange an event for us!

unaVision Dialog

  • Introduction to unaVision concept
  • Open Space Dialog on Transformative Learning, the UnaVersity concept, Healthy Living Concept, New Work and New Economics with our Basic Secureness Model
  • Questions: What would you need to move in a rural region and learn, work and live in an inclusive, open community?  

Locations and Dates

City, CountryLocation of EventOrganizer, Remarks
Hamburg Bork
19.05. - 20.05. 2018
FerropolisMaker for Humanity Lab
ev. Darmstadt
27.05.201816:00 - 20:00MünchenunaVision deep DialogVeronica Rolle
28.05.201818:00 - 22:00MünchenEine Welt Hausin cooperation with München Machbarn und BENE München
29./30.05.1818:00 - 22:00Linz, Austria
OTELO Auwiesen - Franz Wieser, Robert Fabian
31.05.201817:00 - 21:00Sarleinsbach, Austria
Institut für Paradiesgestaltung - Sabine Rösler, Bernhard Harrer
Tulln, Austria
Yasmin Dorfstetter
Wien, Austria

Yasmin Dorfstetter fragt Nadja nach (ÖSSFO)

03.06. - 04.06.2018
Bratislava, Slovakia
06.06. - 07.06.2018
Graz, Austria
09.06. - 10.06.2018
Bad Radkersburg, Austria
Franz Nahrada

Prishtina, Kosovo

Tetovo, Macedonia

Turin, Italien
Serena Obert
Gaston Russi
07.08 - 08.08.2018
Köln und Umgebung
Frauke Thiel
09.08. - 12.08.2018
Blaues Ländle, Nastätten

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