ich hab ein paar erinnerungsfotos gemacht. die sind nicht zum weiter-veröffentlichen gedacht, da ich ungefragt fotografiert hab.

war schön mit euch! auf ein baldes!


Ursula and Jan have worked out a great programm for last year's unaVision gathering.
They hosted us with the help of the whole community in Visvliet, Netherland from 8th to 13th November.

Check out contact and programm details here.

unaVision in Bitola

News from Macedonia: FORUM16 joined unaVision dialog. Thanks for attending and reporting!

Ahrntal photos

Just put in my photos of the Ahrntal journey in June 2016 to smugmug:

I am not that fast... But slowness or muse was one of the values we defined there for our vision...

On air

While I go to bed now at nearly 1 am Berlin time hoping you can easier read the unaVision homepage now, Johannes prepares for an interview with an American radio station. More details and hopefully a recording to listen to, I wish to have for breakfast tomorrow... Good night!

Easy homepage

The activities within the unaVision network grew faster than our homepage organisation over the last years. Time to work on it. We are currently cleaning up the start page to give you more overview in shorter time. Let us know, what you like, what you miss and be aware that some details are only for logged-in users in the future. Check your account to get full insight to nearly ten years of actions.

Just started to build the content for the upcoming ThinkCamp/unaVision news: 30.07.2016 Newsletter

Feel free to add your text and pics Johannes Pfister, Valerie Häfele, Georg Pleger, Vladimir Jakimov, ...

HipChat im Testlauf

Wir testen die HipChat Integration