UnaVision is aiming for a "world in balance". Our goals are to really, really make a difference in our own lives, our communities and our environment by activating, joining and working with rural and peripheral regions with like minded people. The people are actively involved in co-developing and implementing prototypes and innovative approaches for a systemic change in our social, ecological, cultural and economic living environment. We cherish an intense and ongoing contact with each other. We foster the new work philosophy, project based learning, eco-social entrepreneurship, common goods economy and sociocratic governance. We take responsibility for the dignity of people of different genders, ages, educational backgrounds, races and beliefs. We take responsibility for the environment and nature. We support the establishment of a viable international framework and transparency of all activities and results

Transparency and Documentation

We try to avoid some problems which are existing in our existing societies, governments and organizations. We will offer full transparency on financial, ecological and social issues and on decisions made by the working groups, general circles and top circles. We plan that all members of the community have access to all financial transactions and decisions made. This is done in form of logbooks for activities and decisions.

Principles & Guidelines

  1. Member do collaborate action research in order to find out what interventions with the internal development of unaVision are ethical. 
  2. Members support each other and society as a whole for better, healthy and peaceful living.
  3. One can only be a member of unaVision if:
    1. one is invited by three other members
    2. one is active within one or more working and learning circles and one existing or Being Space  in creation and
    3. one freely decides to playful and seriously accepts the invitation to become a member.
  4. Any una member can invite any person she or he wishes, without the need of any permission or notice from or to anyone else. The only applicable criteria is whatever the inviting citizens decides it means to invite a person that will deeply enjoy collaborating with the emergence of an UNA NATION beyond our dreams (whatever that may be). Thus the invitation is to be entirely designed by the inviting UNA member.
  5. Any citizen of UNA NATION may propose whatever she or he feels is a good proposition for the nation. Whatever reunites sufficient attention and energy to happen, will happen. Thus the UNA NATION structure will emerge.
  6. The goal of the UNA NATION is to find low-energy-consuming, fun, and effective ways to become a  Learning, Working and Living Community of Things Really Worth Learning and Working for a) its citizens, b) our current world run by aliens, and c) the future of  alternative worlds worth living in (even if they have no determined physical space or are right here). The best strategies address all three simultaneously.
  7. UNA CITIZENS trust that whatever the Oankali Planet we codesign may end up looking like, it will make sense. This seems to be the only possible trust.
  8. The ethos of the UNA NATION is the Law of The Warrior Without Weapons, which states that warriors do everything as if it were the most important thing in the world, knowing that it does not matter at all.
  9. The UNA constitution is an open document to all its citizens, so it may be edited by whomever thinks has something constitutional to say. If something unacceptable to others emerges, a plan for addressing and resolving the controversy will have to be decided upon. This will be particularly valuable in finding out what the UNA Nation may be.
  10. All the above declared may be a guide

Collaborative economic system

We like to experiment with collaborative economic systems in order to place better living, learning and working together in the focus. One objective is to create a solidarity system where the livelihood and basic secureness and needs of the Being Space members are secured in a sustainable way such as organic food supply, accommodation, health services, learning and cultural activities. Everybody should have ample of time to realize his or her personal objective while serving with part of their time, for example 50%, for the secureness and qualitative growth of the unaVision Being Space Regions. Visitors and scholars from other Being Space Regions should enjoy the same livelihood within the whole unaNation system.


Eco-Social Entrepreneurships

In the core of the value creation are circular systems of Eco-Social Entrepreneurships. These enterprises support each other and the members and the Being Space Region. They act as valuable members of the unaUniverse and are part of the sociocratic system. Their objective is to co-design and ensure the supply of qualitative goods and services. These enterprises create meaningful, green workplaces for the unaVision community and beyond. Areas of activities besides others can be agriculture, healthy food, preventive healthcare, learning environment and contents, information technology. All surpluses of the entrepreneurships will be reinvested into eco-social activities of unaVision. Social investors into the system receive goods and services in return of their investment.


We do not have funding as unaVision initiative at the moment. All incurred cost of co-developing the idea and running prototypes were carried by the people participating and the initiators. Kickoff funding for the unaUniverse as a whole and individual Being Space Regions is planned to be supported by:

  1. volunteer work
  2. donations of individuals or companies in form of funds, resources and land
  3. Social Investors
  4. Crowdfunding Initiative
  5. Support by suitable big foundations
  6. European Union, Goverments or regional grants or other funding sources

Social Investors in unaVision donate their land or buildings, invest their capital in construction of buildings or other resources. They receive in return una currency which can be used for goods and services out of the unaVision network. There will be no interest paid on these investments but reduced fair prices for the services. An example: a person or organization invests the amount equivalent of 10.000 Euro and receives Unas which he can spent for nights, food, workshops anywhere within the global unaUniverse with reduced prices.

Crowdfunding will be project based for prototype buildings, permaculture spaces, innovative products and services in the upcoming years. As an incentive, the crowd funders will receive as goods and services out of the network such as learning opportunities, nights in the community or produces.

Social Investment in unaVision

unaVision needs resources to build up its Being Space Regions and a technology environment for unaNation. The social investments can be in form of money or complimentary currencies or directly as resources. These resources are:

  1. Intelectual resources, knowledge
    Knowledge and skills to support multipliers and pilot projects, Connections to likeminded people who could be part of the initiative
  2. Social Resources, Network
    Connections to likeminded people and accessicle resources
  3. Land
    for Being Space Regions and unaLands to have long term locations for permaculture spaces, own food supply for the unaVision community. To have or create spaces for housing, community life, learning and cultural spaces and social businesses
  4. Materials Resources 
    Buildings, Machinery, tools and equipment for constructions and social businesses,
  5. Information Technology, IT Infrastructure, Energy systems
    Computers, Sensors, Energy supply, solar equipment
  6. food 
    to supply the unaVision community with food for the first years before own production supplies enough products
  7. Services

To keep and increase the created value within the unaVision network and support its qualitative growth, the idea is that there is no payback of investments and no interest on the invest. Instead of that, the unaVision Social Investors receive goods and services out of the unaVision network and its Being Space Regions. Examplary these can consist of:

  • Usage of facilities (seminar rooms, co-working and maker spaces,
  • Accommodations (guest houses, dorms, retirement houses)
  • Goods (organic food, cosmetics, herbs…..)
  • Services (patience care, massages, preventive health, …..)
  • Knowledge (training, expert knowledge and implementation support in different fields and methods (Permaculture, eco construction, biomimicry, ……..)
  • Culture and Art (courses, pieces of art,……
  • ……….

To avoid property quarrels it is preferred, that land and buildings are owned by the respective nonprofit unaVision cooperatives and the assets do not become objects of speculation.

Example Land donation

One couple in their 60s donate a piece of 5 ha of land to the Being Space Region cooperative. During the following years, the cooperative community develop this land into a permaculture landscape with housing units, hostel, restaurant, co-working spaces and learning locations. People from the community move subsequently in. The donators also move into one housing unit and use the common facilities and services. As a “payback” the receive a livelong “life estate (Neißbrauch)” for usage of a housing unit and free defined services.


Money support

A company gives for the co-development of a Being Space Region for example the amount of 50.000 Euro. The company receives seminar space and full board accommodation for 100 people/days a year for the next 10 years.

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