unaVersity Overview

A unique learning environment with project based learning activities is offered by unaVersity. It is a growing knowledge and collaborative network driven by like minded, experienced people and connected with the ecoVersities network of disruptive learning organisations. The core function of our virtual nation is collective learning, co-creation and implemtation of prototypes for a better world.. Learning being so important, if someone in our nation decides to learn something, she or he immediately becomes his or her Minister of Education. That creates the peculiar situation of eventually having as many Ministers of Education as we have learners. They get together to share, improve and create community learning resources. All our knowledge is open and freely available. This enables the network to find higher quality solutions without regional boundaries

Learning Society

You can view our nation also as a global, self-organized university and part of the ecoVersities network. Learning being so important, our Ministry of Education must be a strong institution. This is why, the moment someone in our nation decides to learn something, she or he immediately becomes his Minister of Education. That creates the peculiar situation of eventually having as many Ministers of Education as we have learners. Each learner is in charge of his own learning and as Ministers of Education, they get together to share, improve and create community learning resources. All our knowledge is open and freely available. Learning and educational systems are one of the important core topics of our global unaNation society. We see the need of systems which are human centered and not based on standard curricula and influenced by special interest groups. The unaVersity system works with Project Based Learning (PBL) concepts and an innovative system of supporting individuals in attaining their learning objectives. We are embedded in the EcoVersities Network of disruptive learning initiatives.

Learning Journeys

The unaVision Learning Journey is a multi-dimensional process. People co-develop events, forums, projects, programs and eco-social entrepreneurships on the way to reach their objectives. Personal, virtual and physical learning journeys within and between Being Space communities and regions bring people together, connect them and offer a unique learning environment. UnaVision journeys offer participants to explore initiatives around the globe in order to give impulses for their own projects and to share their own experiences and knowledge, tell their stories and document the experiences. The inter-generational, inter-cultural and inter-sectoral approach widens the perspective for everybody

 The 4 M approach for learning journeys 

  • Move physically and mentally, change your perspectives and behavior, experience new things, open up!
    Move yourself, your thoughts, way of thinking, make a decision to change, open your mind, Move physically and mentally by changing perspectives to see things from different angles, to find out about the challenges for a sustainable development in the regions and in yourself. This may help finding your passions and follow your inner call. Do not wait for your government, for your local community or anybody else to start changing. Move, organize yourself and find solutions for your own and other people´s problems. Be an active member of civil society!

  • Meet people from different sectors, cultures and generations, exchange perspectives, ideas, concepts, thoughts, learn from their knowledge, experience, wisdom and personal mastery, share your stories, activities and results and enter into deep Dialogs to really, really understand. While meeting inspiring people you feel the spirit of life and various cultures in different countries. Visiting innovative projects on the way you receive an insight how they work thus learning from one another and understanding what´s happening in the world. Through dialog and reflection you understand better and discover yourself, your relationship to others and the world around you. 

  • Make: co-create our regenerative future

    co-develop products, services and systems, get new skills, become creative, implement concepts, be a social entrepreneur and create new ventures who serve the people and society and which gives yourself a livelihood. While moving and meeting people may get active together and start co-creating and implementing ideas and concepts for eco-social innovations, for products and services which are useful. Together people develop an entrepreneurial spirit and become more courageous to discover the own ingenuity, create initiatives and new enterprises. People motivate each other and join forces.

  • Multiply and share your experiences and knowledge, tell your story, write articles, Poesie, books, make drawings and films
    Document and share your Information, knowledge and experience openly. An important issue is to spread and share information, expertise, experiences and knowledge about valuable ideas, concepts, results, solutions and best practice experiences with others. We support the creative commons* approach and suggest that all unaVision developments are open source developments in order to improve the quality of concepts and speed up the dispersion of the solutions.

On the one hand within learning journeys you move to inspiring places with like-minded people show their projects and initiatives and share their insight knowledge. On the other hand they are an inner journey to find out what you really, really like to do, what your own values look like and where your future activities emerge from having dialogs with your travel partners. Co-development happens after being inspired by different ideas from the many encounters - you start to make it. With your project you attract new like-minded people and tell them your story and finally multiply knowledge and ideas.

Past journeys

ThinkCamp has conducted several learning journeys during the last years. Examples are the Vision Walk and Balkan Summit 2014 in Macedonia, the Caravan of Change 2013 along the Danube over seven months through 10 eastern European countries and journeys in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Jordan, India and Mexico between 2008-2012. As part of the European Youth in Action Program ThinkCamp conducted two social entrepreneurship weeks in Germany and Lithuania with 100 participants from 12 countries.

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Hiking Dialogs

A unique form of gaining insights into oneself and into selected topics are hiking dialogs. Interested people on one topic form a group and betake themselves in nature. The dialogs last from a day to a couple of weeks. It combines being in nature, living and learning together and exploring and sharing the richness of thoughts, knowledge and wisdom for all participants. Hiking dialogs may be part of Learning Journeys or the Social Entrepreneur Program.

UnaVision Eco-Social Entrepreneur program

This flipped classroom, project based learning approach gives people from all fields of live (cross-generational, inter-cultural, cross sektoral) the opportunity to co-design and implement a people centered learning experience. The structure of the one to two years program is co-designed by you and your team mates. 




Human centered learning by demand

Today's educational systems are very much influenced by the needs of organisations, governments and institutions. The needs of  individuals are hardly considered. We like to foster learning and coaching systems which make information, knowledge and experience available to teams and individuals when and where it is needed. For that the unaVision network is inviting experts to join the initiative and share their knowledge.

Prototyping - learning by doing

On the way to co-develop the sustainable future many changes can be tested or prototype without big efforts and risk. We suggest to this approach for products and services at the very early stages of the ideas in order to gain more insights. Prototyping can be done with simple materials, with constellations or Improvisation Theater.

Systems thinking and doing

To foster stewardship in our actions a better understanding of the complexity of today's world may help to reduce negative impacts for the future developments. System thinking tools and expert help raising the awareness of possible impacts and adjusting our activities.  

Inter-generational, -cultural, - sectoral, -gender

Often our systems are segmented into age segments (schooling, universities, senior groups), hierarchies (Management, power), gender groups, market segments and so on. We prefer to work in open groups with mixed backgrounds where the diversity of the mix will bring enriched results. Therefore, our respect overcomes prejudices against other genders, races, ages, positions and beliefs


  • Excursions and site visits of interesting locations

  • Hiking dialogs with different topics 

  • Dining dialogs

  • Story telling sessions

  • Mentoring and coaching programs

  • Eco-social entrepreneurship programs

  • Workshops on scientific fields, methodologies such as systematic innovation and soft tools such as non-violent communication, deep ecology, …

  • Co-development sessions, idea camps

  • Reflexion times and retreats (meditation, yoga)


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