History of the UnaVision network

ThinkCamp is conducting hiking Dialogs, idea camps and learning journeys since its conceptions in 2007. The UnaVision community spirit was born in 2013 during the “caravan of change” called “dunaVision”, which brought people together for an eight months long learning journey through fourteen Eastern European countries. The journey was coordinated by Sarah Kupke and Johannes Pfister and connected during the journey in 50 workshops around one thousand people. The journey as a pattern stands for individual inner learning journeys and physical journeys as groups. In the meantime, ThinkCamp conducted dozens of learning journeys and projects in many countries. The learning journey has brought us to places far away from the well beaten paths and trails of tourism, places that cherish their identity and value strangers who come to consciously enrich it. The ThinkCamp idea emerged out of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative to foster bottom up initiatives and to prototype new society frameworks for a regenerative world. 


A big influence to our approach comes from Frithjof Bergmann with his breakthrough concept of New Work - New Culture. Gatherings and Dialogs with Frithjof in Europe and India deepened the understanding of his thoughts. Our co-creation process will employ among others the principle of pattern language from Christopher Alexander, action research, a design thinking process, project based learning. We learn from and collaborate with New Work - New Culture, the Transition NetworkGlobal Village Network GIVE, the Global Ecovillage Network GEN, the Economy for the Common Good and ideas from the Basic Income Network BIEN.

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