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Vision Tour - Albania

During the Vision Tour you will experience a powerful introduction to social entrepreneurship and meet like-minded people for a deep exchange of thoughts for your future work as social entrepreneurs. During visits in villages you learn how eco-tourism is developed in a region, how local women groups create their own jobs and how organic tea is grown and processed in mountain farms. Furthermore you can experience traveling in a community, share your ideas of social - entrepreneurship and learn together about sustainable development.


This tour gives you ideas for the future social entrepreneurships in Kosovo. These ideas will be further developed in the unaVision summer school from end of June – Sept. Team building and awareness activities will enrich your personal development and support the teamwork later on. You will write an article about part of the journey and the visits and share your learnings in the group.


-         Fill out the registration form:

-         Participation at one of the prep. meetings in the month of May (please contact us regarding the date)

-         Preferably people who participate in the unaVision Summer School can join

Costs and grants:

-          Grants of up to 250€ are available for people who participate in the unaVision Summer School, in that case you contribute only 120€ for the 11 day tour. (Cost without grant is 370€)


Albania, also known as “The Last Gem of Europe” has a steep landscape as 70% of the country is hilly and mountainous. All along this trip, you'll get to immerse yourself as much as in wild nature quite similar to the Norwegian fjords, as in the roots of our culture and traditions. Otherwise known as the "land of eagles" is a country with rugged terrain, 70% of its total area is composed of mountains and hills. Here's a kind of tour addressed to all ecotourism lovers.


  • Day 1. (Wednesday, June 3rd) Arrival in Tirana, Berat
  • Days 2. And 3. (Thursday, June 4th and Friday, June 5th) Gjirokastra
  • Meeting with Sadi Petrela, Executive Director of Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization
  • Day 4. (Saturday, June 6th) Permet, Leskovik and Rehove
  • Visit of the agricultural cooperative in Permet
  • Day 5. (Sunday, June 7th) Lin
  • Days 6. and 7. (Monday, June 8th and Tuesday, June 9th) Skanderbeg - National Park of Shebenik
  • Meeting with local herb-pickers
  • Day 8. (Wednesday, June 10th) Qerret  
  • Stay with Madjid, Albanik accommodation centre owner
  • Day 9. (Thursday, June 11th) Elbasan, Pellumbas and Tirana
  • Day 10. (Friday, June 12th) Kruja and Tirana
  • Day 11. (Saturday, June 13th) End of the journey

Day 1. (Wednesday, June 3rd) Arrival in Tirana, Berat

We will welcome you in Tirana when you arrive at lunchtime. We'll next stop off at Berat. That city has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008. Berrat is also known as the “thousand windows city”.

Overnight stay to Berat in a Hotel 3*

Days 2. and 3. (Thursday, June 4th and Friday, June 5th) Gjirokastra

We’ll go then to Gjirokastra, or "the stone city". Classified in the world heritage of l’UNESCO in 2005, Gjirokastra is the home town of the big Albanian writer "Ismail Kadare ". This city shelters especially the ethnographical museum and its fortress. Gjirokastra knew how to preserve its picturesque and typical architecture of the former Albanian houses.

The second day will be dedicated to the meeting with Sadi Petrela, Executive Director of Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization:

  • Introduction to the projects going on in Gjirokastra
  • Explanation about Gjiro-Art
  • Activities in small groups with arts and handcraft people
  • Meeting/party/dinner in the evening

Overnight stays to Gjirokastra to arrange with Sadi  

Day 4. (Saturday, June 6th) PERMET, Leskovik and Rehove

Today we will head for Permet, where we will visit an agricultural cooperative, making Raki and jam.

Then we will make a small stop at Leskovik and then we will go to Rehove.

Rehove, right next to the Greek frontier is well-known in Albania for the great quality of its cuisine and its stone houses. We are working with them to develop a sustainable tourism. The afternoon will be devoted to enjoying the original atmosphere of the village and getting to meet and chat with the village's inhabitants, especially with women of the village who will show us their handcraft and we will discuss about how to find a market for it.

Overnight stay to Rehove at the inhabitant

Day 5. (Sunday, June 7th) Lin

Today, we’ll approach little by little the lake of Ohrid, classified on the border with Montenegro, classified to UNESCO.

We will join first the picturesque village of Lin, a fishermen's village situated at the foot of a hill, on a peninsula. Here, after a hike of 1h30, you will appreciate the beautiful landscape and the sight on the lake.

Overnight stay to Majid’s new place or in tent

Days 6. and 7. (Monday, June 8th, Tuesday, June 9th) Skanderbeg - National Park of Shebenik

We will reach then the village of Skenderbej. We will visit this village with secular traditions with whom we are working to develop tourism. We will meet with some local herb-pickers there and they will show us their jobs through a hike in Shebenik.

Overnight stays to Skanderbeg at the inhabitant

Day 8. (Wednesday, June 10th) Qerret

Today we will reach the little village of Qerret where Majid, a French guy, settles an accommodation site called “Albanik” with several facilities and activities.

Overnight stay to Qerret at Majid’s

Day 9. (Thursday, June 11th) Elbasan, Pellumbas and Tirana

We'll leave then for the city of Elbasan, major step of the Via Ignatia. In this city, we could visit the citadel and its ethnographic museum.

We will visit then the village of Pellumbas. Located just 27 kilometres southeast of Tirana, we are also working to develop tourism there with RCE Middle Albania. Well-known for its Cave of Pellumbas, also known as the Black Cave, it makes a perfect day trip. We'll back in Tirana by the evening.

Overnight stay to Tirana in the Youth Hostel

Day 10. (Friday, June 12th) Kruja and Tirana

We will leave towards the city of Kruja. Once arrived in this city, we will have a hiking of nearly 2h in the mountain of Sari-Salltik. In the top of this mountain is the shelter of one of the main saints of the Bektashi belief.

Back in the city of Kruja, we will visit the inevitable National Museum dedicated to Skanderbeg, Albania's national hero. The ethnographic museum and the ancient Turkish stalls.

In the afternoon, we will come back in the city of Tirana and we will visit some of the main monuments of the capital city such as the National History Museum and a few different worship places in the center.  

In the evening, you could make a tour in the Bllok, which used to be exclusively reserved to the communist elite of the dictatorship times. It has now been transformed in the hipe neighborhood of the capital city where Albanian youth gathers to have a drink.

Overnight stay to Tirana in the Youth Hostel

Day 11. (Saturday, June 13th) End of your journey

Thank you for joining the Vision Tour through Albania!



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